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National Development Company Group Limited

A group of contractors and interested persons hired the Ywama Steel Mill of the No (3), Mining Enterprise, the Ministry of Mines, under a 10-years contract from 1 September 1998 to 31 August 2008, to supply construction materials for the increasing number of development projects in the nation.
The Red Book Myanmar Commercial Directory
Global Job Myanmar

Global Job Myanmar is Employment Agencies.
Human Power

Human Power Maritime Services, crew manning agency is registered with the Government of Union of Myanmar for the past ten years. We have been providing officers and crew to many shipping lines of variety of Asia, UK, USA and Europe.
Moonbeam Oversea Employment Agencies

Moonbeam Services guiding company policy has always been to source good and fair working conditions for Myanmar citizens who want to work abroad.
Myanmar Engineering Society

The Association of Engineers in Burma resumed its regular activities in 1946 and steadily picked up momentum.
United Engineering

UNITED ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (UE) was formed in 1990 and will celebrate it’s 21th anniversary in 2011. Since our humble beginnings, we have diversified into many business areas and have been industry leader in many fields such as engineering and construction, equipment rental, manpower supply, renewable energy, IT and business training, oil and gas services provider, etc.
Byamaso Social Service for jobs)
Myanmar Opportunities

Where information is scarce and unreliable, we aim to bring sustainability and predictability to your business by providing accurate, up-to-date and transparent information, and facilitating access to the local marketplace. We develop innovative tools and approaches aimed at meeting business objectives, local content requirements and contributing to sustainable economic growth. We work for the good of the local SMEs, in the best interest of international companies.
Green Growth Dialogue

During one year, around 100 Myanmar key stakeholders will gather every month in sub groups to draft collectively a National Action Plan for Green Growth. As Myanmar is now at a strategic time where the “opening” can lead to various type of development, those “green advocates” from all sectors of society (local NGOs, Members of the Parliament, Government officers, Business representatives, Academics, Young leaders) will learn, work and promote a sustainable path for their country.
Blay Mackenzie (BM)

Blay Mackenzie (BM) is a development consultancy firm registered and based in Yangon, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Our presence in Myanmar on the ground gives us invaluable insight into the development challenges of the country and allows us to tailor our services to meet specific and unique demands in all areas of development on a more cost effective basis.

In 2008, Phil Morle and Mick Liubinskas had recently finished disrupting the media business as the CTO and CMO of Kazaa. Kazaa was a massive peer to peer network that was downloaded over 300 million times and helped to establish the two-way, consumer powered internet we know so well today. They observed that there was poor support for startups in Australia and decided to start a company that would help. In the early years, Pollenizer invested advisory and technical services into startups. In 2009 the business raised a small $500K fund that was used to start incubating startups. By 2011, Pollenizer had already sold its first company, Spreets, to Yahoo!7 for almost $40M. By 2012, Pollenizer had companies and teams in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as Sydney, had over 40 employees and had raised $2.5M to start high growth businesses. During this time, Pollenizer developed ‘startup science’ – a scalable and repeatable way to incubate and transform ideas into proven business models. What began as an internal training program, developed into a platform of consulting and education services offered to entrepreneurs and enterprise.
Mekong Economics

Mekong Economics Ltd. (MKE) is a leading economic and socio-economic development and commercial consulting firm active in the Greater Mekong sub-region and Asia-Pacific region. With our Head Office in Hanoi (Vietnam), we have expanded business operations to Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, China, East Timor, Indonesia, and other countries in Southeast Asia. MKE specialises in providing services to international development agencies, non-government organisations and corporate clients. Our approach combines in-depth knowledge of the institutional and cultural environments in the region with international-standard technical assistance based on thorough economic and socio-economic analysis. Since 2000, MKE has implemented more than 160 consulting projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region. MKE is committed to producing the highest quality of research and consulting services, and can be relied on to meet international standards for deadlines and quality assurance.